Professional and Classy

hey guys am back.

So I have finally finished exams, Oh Thank God. The last one is always the difficult one for some reason. Anyway I actually miss studying can you believe? i want next semester to study already. Am very eager to finish my degree and start on the other part of my Chartered Accountant journey.

In my last post, I was a little dressy and sexy. Was more of an Amber Rose hitting the red carpet look (in my head), so I decided to mix it up a bit and do an office look. I don’t go to work myself but certain I just wanna look professional and classy. People kinda treat you differently when you in office wear and you also got that straight face like, time is money face. Anyway I got this blazer a year or two ago, at the thrift store. It kinda reminded me of Queen Elizabeth and her Chanel suits or Chanel No2 in Scream the Series. I paired it with last posts blue slacks and some suede shoes from Lolly Fashions and a basic top from Mr P. These days I been trying to accessorize , am bad at it but will  keep trying. All accessories are from Bling Bling.

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Blushed In Pink


Yes, its the same just a different colour. Blue edit. I couldn’t help it I love this dress and am so addicted to blush pink and nude. Pink has been such a Hit lately even for men. Did you see Dj Khaled when he announced his new album and Remyma at the RocNation party. Pink is popping.

Dress and shoes from Divalicious and Blazer from Truworths Zw

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Ey there guys. How’s been your week so far? I been waiting for my study guide to arrive so I can start my semester but you know UNISA, slow slow slow. I get very anxious when am waiting. I just want to start studying once again. So weird how much I love school ha ha I never used to be like this.

Anyway I am so into dresses, like they just do it for me. I feel chic, classy and all so happening. I love how midi  bodycon dresses just makes you look like you got things going on and its so easy to dress it up. This dress reminds me of Boity she wore a similar dress but in nude or white or was it Amanda Dupont. Idk I love these women.


Shoes Oldie from The Closet Eastlea, Dress and chain from Divalicious, Gold Bangle Oldie from Mels Touch

Thank you for reading.  Ciao

Blue edit


I have a new attraction to blue these days, it blends well with my skin tone maybe. For todays post I thought of channelling my inner air hostess with this printed infinity scarf. You can tie it around your neck, your wrist or even right round your bag handle for that added class feel. Body hugging dresses are my thing now since I started my weight loss journey, makes me see all the changes and all.

This is a perfect look for work and also after work you can remove the blazer add some sexy sandals and go for drinks with bae.


Blazer from Truworths Zw, Dress from Divalicious, Bag oldie from Mr Price, shoes from The Closet, Scarf thrifted.

7 Trends to ditch in 2017

As the first month of January is almost over, its time to review some of our resolutions, set more goals and give up on others. Let us add some goals for our wardrobe by ditching some trends from 2016. I have never been an avid follower of trends because I think of myself as a style blogger and I follow my heart when it comes to style. So below are some trends that should not see the light of day from here on. Seriously toss them, you really wont miss any.

1.The Deep Plunge Lace up tops.

I think this was designed by a man who just loved to see some some. His still shocked the trend caught on.


2. Distressed Jerseys.

Its a jersey with holes and it doesn’t keep you warm or cover your boobs. Really.

file-2017-01-27-12-02-35 3. Fish nets and jeans.

I just don’t get it. Why. For the Why?

File 2017-01-27, 12 04 51.jpeg

4. PVC thigh high boots.

Sorry Kim K but No. The sweat. No just NOOOOOOOO


5. Waist trainers.

We all know they don’t work just hit the gym people or better yet get yourself a Dr Simon Ourian.file-2017-01-27-12-13-09

6. Printed leggings

Honestly they don’t flatter anyone neither do they make you look young. Get yourself a plain coloured pair and be more stylishfile-2017-01-27-12-12-15

7. Camouflage

I am so glad the government stopped this trend. Bless your souls.File 2017-01-27, 12 24 01.jpeg

Modestly stylish 


I personally don’t think we should sacrifice modest for fashion. Lately the fashion Industry or rather social media has been all about exposing a hell lot of skin. Personally not my thing, leave a little for the imagination ladies, a little class and a whole lot of style. I recently wore this dress to church and I loved how it looked on me. I cinched my waist with my favourite belt so as to put emphasis on my hour glass shape. For church I usually like wearing one of a kind dresses so yes I thrifted this.

I hope you find this modestly stylish.shoot4_9.JPG


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How To Style The 70s Trend

20160422-dscf491620160422-dscf491720160422-dscf491820160422-dscf491920160422-dscf492020160422-dscf4927I have never been one to follow trends but am so loving the 70s trend.Which we can also call the 90s trend because we were rocking this in primary school. So its kind of like wearing my old clothes again, Love that.This look reminds me of Mila Kunis and The 70s show, bootleg pants and heavy belts. Am more of a curvy women so they suit very well, hugs the right places and all. Paired this with an oversized t-shirt and an oversized coat, it was cold today, and my favourite Chanel bag. I never go anywhere without it lately.


the whole outfit was thrifted but you can recreate this look with these. Jeans here, t-shirt here and you can add a tassel crossover bag here

Date Nights

Happy New Year!!!

I hope your year is going as planned and you haven’t stopped

working on your new year resolutions.

This year I hope to go for more date nights, inspiring todays post.


I bought this little dress a while ago from a lady who sell thrifted clothing but found a similar here, bag (similar) here and heels hereshoot3_10.jpg

I love this girly look makes me feel young and cute.

I paired it with some gold accessories and some princess earrings from my BFF.

Also decided to go for simply makeup and a side swing hairstyle

to keep the look sweet and cute.


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