Thrift Bunny

Okay so am gonna go ahead and say it. I love thrift. All my looks I end up putting on a thrifted some some. So amma give you some dos and donts when you go to the thrift store

-do buy the guess jeans even if they are $10 they originally cost a thousand times that.
-do go with a friend for second opinion
-do wear something comfortable and a lil tight for when you try out stuff
-do negotiate prices you wont look cheap at all
-do use all your money coz when you get home you curse yourself if you got a $1 left.

– dont buy the torn items you not a seamstress and you gonna start now
-dont give up the best items are at the bottom of the bails
-dont buy the stained items no surf or omo can take out that stain
-dont go thrifting with 6inch heels not worth the hassle.
-dont say anything to the lady having doubts on an item you want just grab it right after she puts it down.

And Lastly ladies do buy your friends thrifted items youll be a hero for less.


Jumpsuit: Thrift
Heels and bag:
Belt: Zara




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