The Wait

A couple of days ago I reached a decision I will not wait anymore I will not stare at my fone waiting for that call like I been doing for the past 5 weeks. As you know by now am a mother of one but before that I was studying for my degree in accounting. Which I ddnt finish unfortunately. I am not a quiter dknt get me wrong just that my pregnancy was horrible and I had to go back home. Now 2 years later I haven’t gone back to school. I had three options
1. Go back to SA and finish my degree.
2. Get a job doing articles.
3. Go to UZ and finish off my degree although that will add one more year to my program.

I been trying option 2. Which seemed like the best option since I ll have work hours and get to be a chartered accountant in less than 3 years. I ddnt anticipate going to two interviews and having to wait for a reply indefinitely. I still have hope I will work for that company just that my timing and their timing is different.

Finally some days ago I had another option which for some time I thought was not for me. UNISA!! My option 2 requires studying with Unisa so I will still be open to getting my dream job with my dream firm. I initially ddnt like Unisa because I thought studying at home being at home all day especially with how distractive my lil one is. But I can register with Institute of Chartered accountant Zimbabwe and have access to accounting forums and also a library.  So I ll register in April and start in July. I am very happy with my final decision.  I stopped looking at my fone and feeling miserable all day. I am happier and prettier.

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