Meet Rose Mahala one of my closets friends. I can’t say we been friends since the beginning but we both have grown on each other. Since our A level i just love this girl like my sister which is weird because i usually don’t consider people family. I don’t know why i love her so much honestly but i do. All i can think of is the happy memos we have.

Like High school we used to be late all the time because Rose would clean her room exccesively like Rose seriously lets just go for class already haha. She still does that though.   New year preparations at her house and trying to look like good girls in front of her parents.     Port Elizabeth at Gondwana dancing all night long and game night at The Boardwalk mall.     East London cuddling up in bed talking about obviously BOYS!!! Movie night and Dj Euphoniks sucky boot. And Lately Sopranos Birthday Lunch.

I could feel this page with all our memos but i won’t.

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