Restaurant Review: Cafe Nush!!

I didn’t intend to do this segment on my blog neither did I intend to get out of the house today. But my sister won some local lotta and when she said am in the mood for some take out I literally jumped into the car grabbed my heels and we drove to Cafe Nush in Avondale, Harare.

I been there before like a couple of months ago and surprisingly the waitress remembered me. I was expecting a host to take us to our table but oh well we found our own table. I instantly asked for the free wifi password because you know me I like to check all my social media all the time. Kinda sucks the wifi was just switching on and off I could hardly send a WhatsApp message then again it was lunch time, all packed and all.

My sister and I decided to order the same thing The Nush Chicken Schnitzel  with creamy mushroom sauce and roasted butternut all for $12 and a litre of homemade lemon juice for $4 which we shared. It took approximately 10 minutes for our meal to come. So impressive I hate waiting for my food.

First of all the presentation was superb and simply cute. Some spices sprinkled on top of some sauce which I didn’t bother asking because my mouth was already full. Honestly speaking this was the best meal that I have ever had. The chicken was crispy and golden. I usually hate mushrooms but this sauce was creamy and tasted nothing like the usual hohwa am used to. Am a big fan of rice seriously big and their rice tasted way better than basmati rice.


I really like the lil touches that has nothing to do with food like this yellow rose, made me feel very happy. I think because of the competition at Avondale Cafe Nush has stepped up its game so on a scale of 1 to 5 I say

4 stars only because the wifi wasn’t working.


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