Meet my family: Tay’s One Stop Shop!! 

Of all my posts this is my best, from the topic I guess you get it. Ahh meet my lil baby, my son Taylor Mwale. Every time I get my photoes taken his always there running around wanting to be in the pictures too. So here we are. 

Being a fashion blogger and a new mummy finding a style for my lil one was a little hard. I wanted him to be in all white but that’s just a dream and when I finally got an idea of what style is practical, I had another problem where to shop?? On one of my husbands business trips he happened to jump into a Jet store in Chipinge and that was the beginning of our love affair with Jet stores Zimbabwe. 

Kids like to get dirty and Tay for one loves it when its sand time. So these lil tops are perfect, easy to wash and the shorts makes it easy for him to play. 

When its home time, its time to wear something more stylish and denim on denim is one of his best looks. 


Lastly Taylor loves his shores shoes. He wont go anywhere without his lil shoes. 

All the outfits are less that $25 each. How nice is that.

So what do you think of Taylors practical looks? 

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