Winter is Coming 

I guess by now you all know winter is my favorite season. I love winter fashion so much i wish it could be winter all through the year. Unfortunately in Zimbabwe our winters are mildly cold, mildly is over reaching too. 

Eventhough here is my 1st winter post. I been loving fur lately. It makes me feel elegant and beautiful. I found this beautiful fur fabric a couple months ago and i finally got it tailored into a scarf. Ohhh i love it!! 

Wouldnt John Snow look nice in that fur

And to celebrate finishing my exams i got pampered at The Hair Lounge. How lovely are my nails

Check out my new booties from Mels Touch

Jeans from Avondale flea market and top from MrP

Hope you enjoyed my 1st winter post. Do comment if you like to see some DIY with the fur fabric. 

Check out some cool fur from Deffinatlyshaz


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