Is being selfish wrong? it has been rooted to us that its morally wrong. But is it really? Because everyday we make unconcious decisions, selfishly putting ourselves out of harms way and also a step ahead of others. 

According to Richard Dawkins author of The Selfish Gene (1976), everyones gene acts in a way to allow it the best oppourtunity to be replicated and passed on to the next generation. So by nature we are born selfish. 

So maybe i seem like am justifying being selfish. But no. My point is its okay to be selfish once in a while. To put yourself above all and do something to ensure your survival, which depends on your happiness. 

(Highlight on once in while). 

In light of being selfish I bought this awesome bag from Sparkles House of beauty 

And shoes from my new shoe supplier Clareta. 

About my tutu skirt, a lil day at the thrift store landed me this wonderful skirt. 

Basic top from Edgars. 

Side bar, Edgars Zimbabwe has the most structural and white tops. Label being Kelso. 

Allow yourself to be selfish and allow your friends, partner to be selfish just once. It never hurts nobody!! 


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