Thick and Awesome

I keep apologizing for going away, am terrible. I keep promising. Well not anymore. I got a whole line of posts lined up for you guys. I cant even wait to hit the Post button. 

So i had a chance to work with the two beautiful sisters who own the boutique, Irmas.

First of all lets talk about this mustard dress, which i ended up buying. Talk about a dress that empowers you. I honestly think every women needs a figure huging dress just like this. 

Pau decided to wear something a lil different but a lot more sexier than normal. That lil black skirt showing of some killer leg things, awesome. 

This is my favourite picture. 👆🏻👆🏻. 

All the outfits where provided by Irmas boutique’s summer 2016 new stock. Shop all the looks at 

Irmas Boutique

142 Cnr Nelson Mandela & 7th. 




Stay tuned for the next post and get two know more about the sisters and their fashion journey. 



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