Maxi season 

Hey there!!

Let me just start by saying Summer is here with full force. Like i can’t believe the temperatures out there. Its blazing hot in Harare. But am not complaining though. Summer means free flowing clothes, reason for this post today.

Two summers ago i wasnt a fan of maxi dresses, mostly because I was pregnant and had some pretty weird senses. Preggo brains. But now that am back to normal maxis have gone to the top of my must have summer list (which i ll share soon). 

I specifically love this dress, which i got from TopicsZimbabwe, for two reasons

  • The belt
  • Skater effect

A lady needs to show of her curves and the belt  cinches my waist and makes my bottom look bigger than it is. 

I paired this dress with some basic flops. Just to be more chilled. 

How cool is this boat though? 

Location:               Kingfisher 

Photographer:     MushVisuals

Dress:                      Topicszimbabwe

Slops:                       MrP

Lots of love!! 

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