Sabbath dress!! 

As I sit on my sofa, am thinking How many days left till Saturday. And no am not bored with my weekdays neither am I a party freak. Nah!! (not anymore hahaha) I can’t wait to wear this gorgeous dress to church. We only a night away though YEAH!!! 

I love me some midi bodycon dress. Made a lady out of me. Thats the elegance of a dress. I paired this with my little black bag and some turquoise heels

How awesome are the mixture of colors on this number. 

I even smiled or atleast I tried. Well its a grin hahah. 

Dress:       TopicsZimbabwe (see another dress I got from Topics Here)               

Shoes:      Gift from my sister (thank you)

Bag:           Thrifted 

📸📸:         MushVisuals

How do you guys dress up for church? 

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