Why I favor Jumpsuits.

Hello, Ola

Hey guys hows been your weekend? Mine was awesome, went to church, played with Tay, saw some family, chilled with hubby, watched Straight Outta Campton and cried a lil. (Noone had to die). So basically I had a very awesome weekend. 

Okay, so as the heading suggests am gonna tell you about my all-time favorite item. THE JUMPSUIT. Back in the days when I was like 8 or 10, my mum says I used to always want to wear this red dungaree all the time. I would literally cry for it. Wish I had a picture. I ll look for it. I guess my dungaree has been reincarnated as this AWESOME red jumpsuit. 


I love jumpsuits mostly because you can wear it for every occasion, weddings, girls luncheon and a date night thing too. Or you can go Bonang at NYFW.

Or just being the wife of a tryant like Moran Atias (Leila Al-Fayeed from The Tyrant) 

Jumpsuits also fit every bodytime 

  Worn here by CurvyCampbell above. 

The Look. 

I got this jumpsuit from Truworths Zimbabwe. Its as if I was born with it huh? 

I paired this with my Clutch from Zara Zimbabwe and heels from JaneandCosmas

Photographed by MushVisuals 


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