Thats my Story

Hey there

How have you all been? Hope your week was great. I just thought I should make a quick blog about how I love my body with all its flaws. 

First of all one of the main reason why i started this blog was because i felt alienated to my body. It was a couple of months after i gave birth and things had drastically changed and i was a little depressed. Pregnancy wasnt good on me. Not that I was fat or anything, on the contrary I actually lost weight in my 1st trimester. Like I was 53kgs and my doctor was a lilttle worried. I looked very boney like you could see my bones protruding. So through out my pregnancy I was vomiting and constantly felt like there was a frog on my throat ready to jump out any moment. 

In my third trimester I eventually started to gain weight mostly because i was leaving with my husband. The love and attention kinda helped but I still had a frog and now a moving little Taylor. (I tell you he was playing soccer in my uterus aghhhhh). 

After giving birth and the nursing came, huge boobs constantly expanding and contracting. And then the weight started to pile up. I felt very fat and ugly. My relatives used to say you getting bigger but its a good thing, shows that you living well. But I thought hakuna, no getting bigger is a good thing.

One day, at a mini drink up my husband pulled me in for a photo and I looked at myself and thought hmmm how cute. From then i would get pictures and look at myself with a smile. I accepted how i had gained weight and realized I actually look good and healthy. Yes i had stretch marks but so what? My tummy and arms were a little bigger but so what? 

After accepting and loving myself I decided to start working out and eating healthy foods. Although a kfc and schnitzel here and there wont hurt anybody. Its been a roller coaster ride but its worth it.

Now I can laugh and be happy. No more insecurities.

For a while I didnt know which category I fit into because I aint skinny/thin (hahha not even) neither am I big/bbg. Now i got a category. I am Slimthick. I saw that on a fellow Zimbabwean fashion blogger Chantelle‘s page. 

About my outfit. 

I got these amazing palazzo pants from TruworthsZimbabwe and I paired it with some sandals and a Mr Price crop top and a chain that a friend of mine left at my house (hope she doesn’t see this) 

(I hope i didnt use any harsh and body shaming words here. Sensitivity on low please.) 

So I lied, this aint a quick post I been writing this for months now. ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ. Now its finally out. Thats my story. 

8 thoughts on “Thats my Story

  1. You story is inspiring and I love how you started accepting and loving yourself and your body again. That’s indeed a very positive beginning. I love all your photographs here and think you are a very pretty and happy person! Keep smiling ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing. Do drop by my blog as well : ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Am inspired too. Selflove is everything especially after having a baby and going through pregnancy . It doesnt necessary mean u are living well when you gain wait after having a baby.its natural and I like that u realised it on time . Dai wava chimhamha chaicho. Keep it up girl

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