The adventurer

Hey dolls!!

Hows your weekend so far? I missed my perfect blog post time (Friday 3pm). I hate it when i do that hmmm. But my best friend is back from SA FINALLY!! So yeah am having a blast of a time.

Anyway I been really wanting an adventure, like craving it. So a couple of weeks ago I went to Bealovoghn (the spelling 🙈) animal sanctuary with my family. Best thing ever. We saw some lions and I was more excited than Taylor and everyone else. Like when they roared I literally went crazy. It was so much fun.

So that got me thinking of what other adventure I would wanna go and what I would wear. Yes my everything comes back to what I would wear.

Last time I wore sneakers fentys actually but I ended up with blisters and hot so I thought next time I ll wear sandals. Lesson learnt.

Another thing I will definitely not forget is my camera. The fone really doesn’t cut it when you out there because you need to zoom in and all that.

Free flow. You need free flowing clothes. You wouldnt want something that will you keep pulling up or just limiting your movement. Thats why I chose this shorts from TruworthsZimbabwe and a basic top from Jet.

I haven’t picked out the next adventure but my friend has a travel blog that showcases pretty cool spots all over Zimbabwe. So you can check it Here.

So lets go on an adventure guys!!


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