One thing every lady should aim to do is to look Polished everyday all day. Well not every lady but maybe just me. So these are the things i do to look polished and because i am a mother of a very naughty boy i have to be organised or i would be rocking jeans with baby gue. Lets just get into it

1. Exfoliate my face. 

As you all know i got so much acne and hyper pigmentation and I have finally found a way to wake up looking fresh and glowing. Exfoliation Exfoliation Exfoliation. Before i go to bed i use a mixture of mealie meal and water to scrub my face smoothly and wash it off with warm water. So every morning I wake up with a clean and fresh face.

2. Plan my outfits

My friends think I have so much time on my hands but no, It takes me 2 mins to plan my outfits just before I sleep. I make use of an App called Polyvore. I can assemble a fab outfit and even have options. So every morning I dont have to look at my wardrobe like ,’I dont have anything to wear.’. Yeah I know most ladies been there. I actually save time because mornings are a Go Go Go situation.
3. Organise, organise

I have a lil obsession with toiletry bags. I got so many of them. I like to keep my toiletries at one place so I can save time. I got all my make up in one bag, my brushes in another and my womenly products in another. Like I jus go from the bathroom to this bag and to another. Time saver!!

4. Asking for Help

I know its not what everyone outright says but I have help and am very grateful for it. Every morning I wake up and half the things i needed to do are already done and all I have to do is makesure Tay, Bae and I are clean.

About the outfit

Pants: Jane and Cosmas

Blazer: TruworthsZimbabwe

Bag: Thrifted

Shoes: LegitSA

How awesome is this blazer from TruworthsZimbabwe. Check out HollywoodLee rocking hers Here.

I hope you enjoyed my post be sure to tell me what you guys do to look polished.

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