Season of the dress!! 

Hey guys are you ready for the weekend? This week went by a little too quick for me. Am nearing exam dates so time seem to be moving fast. Hmm life of an Accounting Student. 

Anyway I recently got a camera, so from now own photography is going to be by me. Am still learning and I think for a beginner these aint so bad. Some little tips I got from my other photographers and the internet are

  • Never take a picture when its 11 o’clock. Something about the position of the sun and too much light. 
  • A picture zoomed is nicer than an unzoomed one. 
  • Aperture. This is still tricky for me but I understand that it makes your pictures more bright or darker. 
  • Dont use flash. Natural lighting is usually better.

Kinda took these pics at 12 o clock so I guess waiting an hour isnt good enough.

If you got any tips for me please insert below. Am eager to learn. 

About the Outfit. 

I partnered up with Lolly Fashions to bring you these amazing and reasonably priced dresses. This one in particular costs 20$. 

The shoes are an oldie blogged and reblogged again. 

This dress has a very thick material that aint see through so yeah no one seeing through (😂🙄) 

If you wanna purchase yours you can app Lolly at +27 61 970 2047 or catch her on Facebook Here


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