Hey readers!! 

Its Monday Yeah!! I love mondays. Its a fresh start for all my goals and also i review my achievements and set new weekly goals. I like to set weekly goals mostly because I quickly tend to lose focus. 

For this week my goals are mainly about staying on track with my weight loss journey and managing my study time, exercise time and also my Tay and bae time. When exams are approaching I usually stop exercising and that makes me cranky and fatigued. Lack of endorphins I guess. Exam time I need to keep my mood joyful so that I ace it. Thats my self-prophecy theory happy student- calm writter-Destinctions. 

Anyway thats about that. 

About my outfit.

I named this post Details because I love the details on this top. Like this is by far the best top in my wardrobe and its from TruworthsZimbabwe. You can purchase it in store today. 

The buttons at the back makes it really unique and super cute. 

The lace is a bonus. 

I got this skirt a while ago when Mels Touch first opened. Am so in love with it because I wore it when I got married. My best memories skirt. 

The shoes are an oldie and also my clutch I made myself. 

Ohh and be sure to check out my YouTube video and stand a chance to win a dress from TruworthsZimbabwe. Link Here


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