Season of the dress pt2 

I literally have a few things to say. Firstly hey wassup!! Ready for the weekend? Am not, can we just restart this week I need more time. 

Secondly this is going to be my last blog post. Hahah not last Am just taking a month off as you know am starting my exams next week. So I need to concentrate, revise and ace this. I honestly cant wait to finish this degree. One step at a time. 

About the outfit!! 

As I mentioned on my previous post Here I partnered up with Lolly Fashions and got some amazing affordable dresses. This is one of them and my favorite. The color suits my skin tone and makes me look like a million bucks. 

The shoes are an oldie from MrP and the bag is a thrift find. 

My photography is improving a lil by lil. Agreed? 

I hope you enyoyed this post and you have an awesome and fashionable month!! 

From me with Love. 


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