Professional and Classy

hey guys am back.

So I have finally finished exams, Oh Thank God. The last one is always the difficult one for some reason. Anyway I actually miss studying can you believe? i want next semester to study already. Am very eager to finish my degree and start on the other part of my Chartered Accountant journey.

In my last post, I was a little dressy and sexy. Was more of an Amber Rose hitting the red carpet look (in my head), so I decided to mix it up a bit and do an office look. I don’t go to work myself but certain I just wanna look professional and classy. People kinda treat you differently when you in office wear and you also got that straight face like, time is money face. Anyway I got this blazer a year or two ago, at the thrift store. It kinda reminded me of Queen Elizabeth and her Chanel suits or Chanel No2 in Scream the Series. I paired it with last posts blue slacks and some suede shoes from Lolly Fashions and a basic top from Mr P. These days I been trying to accessorize , am bad at it but will  keep trying. All accessories are from Bling Bling.

Enjoy your week and be sure to link up on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Fcaebook. links in side bar.


10 thoughts on “Professional and Classy

  1. Am one person who never misses school.After my degree in marketing…i don’t want to hear the mention of school no where.I love the whole ensemble.The checked blazer is so chic ad edgy.A look i would definitely pull to the office.


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