How to wear: The Duster

You might have seen the duster coat on most celebrities like Rihanna and all of the Kardashians including Angela Kardashian  (Blac China). I for one love this new trend and think its a bloggers must have. 

So heres how to rock it

  1. The Sporty Look

If you much of a sneaker person then adding a duster on top will make you girly instantly and yet still sporty. 

2. The Denim lover. 

So for those people who generally live in denims. The duster will take you from basic babe to Wow!! 

3. Wide-leged bae

A combination of a wide leged pants and a duster is like hands done the most classy look of all. Paired with some sleek heels you’ll rule. 

4. Trendy- Diva 

So lastly heres how I like wearing my duster. I like to be trendy and also I got a thing for tight fitting dresses lately. So I paired my black duster which I thrifted and a dress from Lolly Fashions. Shoes from Mr Price. By the way there is a sale at Lolly Fashions where you buy a dress and get a sleeveless blazer for free. You can contact Lolly at +27 61 970 2047. 

How would you wear your duster? 

6 thoughts on “How to wear: The Duster

  1. I love dusters hey! I usually wear my sleevless one with a bodycon dress and the the other one with jeans a Tee and brogues!
    Loved reading the post!❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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