My Cornrows Moment

Puberty kind of started a little early for me and unfortunately at 24, I can safely say our relationship is still on. Its not that good kind of puberty, If there is ever good puberty (raging hormones and boobage hmmmm). Its the acne, hyper pigmentation, zits, white heads, black heads you name it. Story of my life.

With bad skin comes lots of insecurities, self esteem issues. Growing up I always thought there are certain types of hairstyles and clothing that an acne prone person should never do. Hairstyles like freeze and ponytail, cornrows and anything that exposes your forehead and your full face. Clothing with spaghetti top anything. I just kind of felt like all those hairstyles and clothing exposes my acne too much.

My skin has generally improved now, its not clear yet and I don’t expect it to ever be, due to some magic portions (topic for another blog post or better yet a YouTube video). Am a little confident now, so I decided to be a dare devil and tackle my insecurities head on. So I got cornrows done. And I LOVE them. 13 years of my life wasted thinking stupidly. I should have done this a long time ago. There is no thing as Acne friendly hairstyles. It was all in my head. ahhhhhhhh

I wanted the cornrows a little bigger than the normal and with some highlights. Thank God my hairdresser was pretty good even though she was working with very short hair.


For my outfit I decided to wear an old pair of denims which can now fit me perfectly by the way. I rolled them up a little bit to make them look like boyfriend jeans and also to make my shoes pop. I really like looking chilled and simple, which is why I wore this basic black tee from Zara. You can find very nice basic tees from Mr Price or JetZimbabwe for less than $7. My shoes are an oldie from Mr Price but you can find similar from Public Desire


I rambled a lot but basically ladies don’t hold yourself back because of your insecurities. I recently read a poem about acceptance by Subtle Royalty it says

And one day when you look yourself in the mirror,

all the demons you contained will stare back at you.

This, your moment of making peace

with the you you never accepted

when you get to it

I hope you say, welcome, my love….

Don’t be afraid to accept your insecurities and look them in the eye and laugh.

From me

with love


25 thoughts on “My Cornrows Moment

  1. Insecurities!!! I grew up with a lot of these actually. Always thought i was too tall to wear heels, my shoulder were too broad to wear tang-tops, my hips n hips were too small to wear tights. But Alas, i acquired more confidence over the years. Thank you for sharing and i love the cornrows and the simple smart daywear.

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  2. Super Stylish – Before I went on Accutane I was such a ball of oil, and should i dare leave my hair in my face the breakouts would not even think twice if making its rounds


  3. OMG! This is exactly my story! Acne will NOT leave me alone. I have been hiding behind make up since I was 17! My confidence had gotten so bad I couldn’t dare leave the house with no make up on. Eventually I had to face my reality because I can’t keep plastering make up on top of bad skin so I’m treating it medically now.

    You have an amazing blog BTW😊 👏👌


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