Book reading at Mustard Seed

Some information about me. I love reading novels. My favourite genre is horror, crime fiction novels. My sister actually taught me to read, well lets say I copied her. She loves Mills and Boons like crazy. She has boxes and boxes of them. So I used to read those but I got bored of too much unreal romance and also similar plots. That’s why I ventured into crime and fictions.file-2016-11-25-14-12-17

I have never read a book by a Zimbabwean author before and am glad to have come across this opportunity to do so. The book is called Whose Land Is It Anyway by Mr Benjamin Sibanda. I know controversial and sensitive topic. That’s one of the things that got me intrigued. The other thing is how nice it will be to read a book with a familiar setting. Mr Sibanda has actually written another book called When Freedom Came. He says a third book is coming so fingers crossed it will be out by early next year. You can purchase your copy at Mustard Seed or  here ( )


Anyway have you guys been to the new Mustard Seed store at 210 Upper East Road Mount Pleasant Harare. Oh its heaven. Very nice atmosphere and the pieces they have in the store are to die for. Mustard Seed basically is a store with mostly women made clothing, accessories and many other cool things. At the moment they have a clothing line called The Harare Collection, which has such trendy wear for the working women. I had a chance to take a couple of pictures of the things I liked in their store. mustardmustard_6mustard_1mustard_2mustard_3mustard_4mustard_5

disclaimer: The first three photos where taken by  Captivated Photography. You can hire them for events and photo-shoots. contacts 00263785858035 or visit their studio at Suite 7, 3rd floor, Mass Media house. Corner 3rd and Selous Ave, Harare.


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