How to dress for the work place

Hey there dolls.

I realized most of my readers are ladies in their mid 20s and going to work. So I decided to do a how to post on office wear. Many a times ladies don’t really know how to transition from college wear to office wear. Most want to stay trendy and they forget about office etiquette and end up looking trashy. Rules you should lead by

  • if its two thirds above the knee and body hugging leave it for the club
  • if you bend over and a boob is about to pop out leave it for your date
  • if we can see your belly button even on casual day hmm sister no no no
  • super bright lipstick. Don’t distract your workmates
  • a few other things fishnets, sneakers, flip flops and hot pants.

No matter how cute or you haven’t done laundry just don’t. You want your work mates to respect you and your bosses to see your work and efforts. So make smart decisions ladies.

I have ensemble an office look that’s decent and yet still trendy. I got these lovely pair of shoes  from Lolly Fashions and they are my favourite at the moment. I like wow they look so classy and very trendy. For this I paired them with this skirt I got from a friend some time back and a blouse I got from one of my thrift escapades. The pouch I made myself a long time ago. You can also replace it with a briefcase or a bigger bag if you carry a laptop or lots of paperwork.

I hope you enjoyed this post.




9 thoughts on “How to dress for the work place

  1. so inlove with the shoes. I would have to disagree on a few points, however each to there own. You look amazing by the way.


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