10 Best Zimbabwean Photographers

As you all know we in an era where everything needs to be visually appearing. My fellow bloggers know how a good picture goes a long way. Photography is one of the most critical elements of advertising. Lots of online, (Instagram,Facebook etc) stores have really invested in this strategy, even bigger clothing stores like Posh VIP, JanJam, Westeria Lane etc. Unfortunately some big companies think its not worth it, I wont name them but you all know the incident with the same photo. Shame. Get with the program guys.

Here is a list of some of the Zimbabwean photographers who have made waves this year. in no particular order.

  1. Justin Tapiwa Samufonda from Jt_photography. Contact: +263773156995File 2016-12-15, 08 33 35.jpeg
  2. Kuda from MushVisuals Contact:+263777984058File 2016-12-15, 08 37 53.jpeg
  3. Josh Webster from Captured Moments Photography Contact: +263774908017/ joshwebster626@gmail.comfile-2016-12-15-08-51-19
  4. Mapikicha Contact: +263734900010/ mapikichastudios@gmail.comfile-2016-12-15-08-57-41
  5. Tat from Tatenstagram contact:scopezw@gmail.com/ +263738310003File 2016-12-15, 09 09 46.jpeg
  6. Rapture Images Contact: +263775877793file-2016-12-15-09-14-42
  7. Denzel Alpha
  8. picturehubzim
  9. Karen lowe photography Contact Here 
  10.  Pxelphotography contact: pxelphotography@gmail.com/ 0772120013

Wow its so had to find photographer’s pictures. Guessing behind the camera is where the magic is at. 

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