How To Style The 70s Trend

20160422-dscf491620160422-dscf491720160422-dscf491820160422-dscf491920160422-dscf492020160422-dscf4927I have never been one to follow trends but am so loving the 70s trend.Which we can also call the 90s trend because we were rocking this in primary school. So its kind of like wearing my old clothes again, Love that.This look reminds me of Mila Kunis and The 70s show, bootleg pants and heavy belts. Am more of a curvy women so they suit very well, hugs the right places and all. Paired this with an oversized t-shirt and an oversized coat, it was cold today, and my favourite Chanel bag. I never go anywhere without it lately.


the whole outfit was thrifted but you can recreate this look with these. Jeans here, t-shirt here and you can add a tassel crossover bag here

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