7 Trends to ditch in 2017

As the first month of January is almost over, its time to review some of our resolutions, set more goals and give up on others. Let us add some goals for our wardrobe by ditching some trends from 2016. I have never been an avid follower of trends because I think of myself as a style blogger and I follow my heart when it comes to style. So below are some trends that should not see the light of day from here on. Seriously toss them, you really wont miss any.

1.The Deep Plunge Lace up tops.

I think this was designed by a man who just loved to see some some. His still shocked the trend caught on.


2. Distressed Jerseys.

Its a jersey with holes and it doesn’t keep you warm or cover your boobs. Really.

file-2017-01-27-12-02-35 3. Fish nets and jeans.

I just don’t get it. Why. For the Why?

File 2017-01-27, 12 04 51.jpeg

4. PVC thigh high boots.

Sorry Kim K but No. The sweat. No just NOOOOOOOO


5. Waist trainers.

We all know they don’t work just hit the gym people or better yet get yourself a Dr Simon Ourian.file-2017-01-27-12-13-09

6. Printed leggings

Honestly they don’t flatter anyone neither do they make you look young. Get yourself a plain coloured pair and be more stylishfile-2017-01-27-12-12-15

7. Camouflage

I am so glad the government stopped this trend. Bless your souls.File 2017-01-27, 12 24 01.jpeg

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