Back for the slay

Well its been a while. No excuses seriously no excuses. I been working on my social media store and finally Nhava Handbags is functional. So now I can promise you blog posts every Monday at 2 o clock.

Now lets get into it. I bought this dress for half a dollar on one of my thrift escapades. I been holding on to it, you know me I like to make a grand entrance when it comes to new clothes. I love how it makes me feel so feminine and beautiful.

I paired it with a mini bag from my store here, You can contact me,  if you would like to order yours. Use this code for free shipping around Harare (StrictlyFree). I’ll do a blog post to tell you more about my store. Till next Monday stay blessed stay Slaying.

File 2017-04-22, 12 08 21File 2017-04-22, 12 08 43File 2017-04-22, 12 08 54File 2017-04-22, 12 09 41File 2017-04-22, 12 10 04File 2017-04-22, 12 10 28

File 2017-04-22, 12 07 02

What you think of my make up. I told my MUA that I wanted to feel like a princess and she went and made me a Queen. I love her. You can contact her here (0772962290) or her social media, Make_up_by_Sue. Not forgetting to my photographer Tatenda Mavengano. (0738310003). That’s my team.

here is a lil video link of the behind the scenes. here


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