How to look simple and smart 

Hey there!!

So many people normally ask me, How can I look simple and yet Low key Slay for my event? Here is my all time Simple Slayage. Denim on Denim and a pair of heels. Yes I can not function without a pair of heels. Best way to mix up your denims is to get different shades and if you want to be a little extra add a bright colour shoe and bag.

For this look I accessorized with my Nhava Handbag, some neck piece from Aliexpress and silver heels. I wore this to my dear friend’s surprise party, very low key party so didn’t want any standing out pieces.

Lets take a moment for the best jeans ever!

I got these jeans from Edgars ZW, they where on promotion and am so in love with the fit. I normally buy high waist jeans because of my waist-hip ratio but these jeans they just fit me so perfectly. I love them. They are from the label Free2bu, here is a link to the exact pair but in the SA Edgars Store. Get yourself a pair, Thank me later.

File 2017-04-30, 19 57 29File 2017-04-30, 19 57 43File 2017-04-30, 19 57 53File 2017-04-30, 19 58 06

File 2017-04-30, 19 57 14

File 2017-04-30, 19 59 16

Can you guess whose App I was just reading there?

File 2017-04-30, 19 58 17File 2017-04-30, 19 58 29File 2017-04-30, 19 58 41

Make up by Sue

Photography by Tatenda Mavengano

File 2017-04-27, 14 40 37


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