Take me to the Beach

hey guys!!

So I been studying a lot lately with exams around the corner I got lots of pressure and all. But you know after some hard work one needs a vacation. Am all about going to the beach or relaxing next to a pool, looking all that glamorous and unbothered

That being said I got that kind of vibe outfit for you. When I saw this, I was reminded of Real Housewives of Atlanta ladies on vacation. Like every other reality show it ends with a vacation trip with lots of drama and glam.

This dress and kimono was provided by DressByPriv, the fun part about this kimono is that you can also dress it up with jeans for a night out. Am so in love with this co-ord set and many more at the store, You can purchase yours in store at Shamwari Mall, shop no4W.

File 2017-05-03, 20 05 27File 2017-05-03, 20 05 49File 2017-05-03, 20 06 27File 2017-05-03, 20 05 08File 2017-05-03, 20 06 05File 2017-05-03, 20 07 01 (1)

Did you notice Nhava pink handbag there.

As usual Photography by Tatenda Mavengano


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