Summer dresses

Hey guys how are you doing?

I just finished my exams and ready to do more blogs and more business. I got so many things I been putting aside to do like binge watch Sex and The City and catch up with RHOA re-union. My sister been raving about it. Do let me know down in the comments what series you watching lately.

summer was over weeks ago, but I really loved this summer dress and wanted to show you guys. I thrifted it some time ago. The colour just made me feel all sweet and beautiful. I paired it with some pink heels and my Nhava Handbag. File 2017-05-28, 17 22 47File 2017-05-28, 17 22 30File 2017-05-28, 17 22 19File 2017-05-28, 17 22 07

File 2017-05-28, 17 21 43File 2017-05-28, 17 21 16

Make-up by Suzanne Chinhamo

Photography by Tates


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