Focus : Shahina Aslam aka Zimbalicious

So you been seeing a lot of Zimbalicious on my social platforms. Yes am in totally obsessed with her. I been for a while, so when she was looking for someone to do a makeover on, I jumped on the idea. I tell you she made me feel like a princess. Rather a queen. You all know how much I like to feel like royalty.

A little bit about Shahina, she began being intrested in makeup when she wanted to get wed and couldn’t find a makeup artist to help her achieve the look she wanted for her special day. And since then she has acquired so much knowledge about makeup, that she can make every bride awesome and special on her day.

File 2017-06-17, 18 41 36

File 2017-06-17, 18 41 02

And she met Kim Kardashian. How awesome is that?

File 2017-06-17, 18 39 59.jpeg

Here are some pictures of my make over or transformation. You can also see the video of the whole process and the products that where used Here I know am getting that highlighter!!!!

File 2017-06-17, 19 00 16File 2017-06-17, 19 00 05File 2017-06-17, 18 59 56File 2017-06-17, 18 59 44File 2017-06-17, 18 59 35File 2017-06-17, 18 59 23File 2017-06-17, 18 59 14File 2017-06-17, 18 59 03File 2017-06-17, 18 58 53File 2017-06-17, 18 58 35File 2017-06-17, 18 58 23File 2017-06-17, 18 58 03

That Highlight Though!!!!!!!!!!

You can contact Shahina on her

mobile: 0772764367


YouTube:Shahina Aslam

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