How to remove makeup on the go

Hey ladies. Ever been stuck with a full face beat at the end of the day and no water to remove it. I know I have. Recently I went to my rural home, it was 12 midnight and the bathrooms or rather the water taps are far away from the bedrooms. I had to make a plan. Sleeping with makeup is not an option especially with my acne prone skin.

So this is how I removed my makeup on the go. All you need is

  • baby wipes
  • shea butter


  • Rub the shea butter on your face, in round and round motion
  • leave it on for 2 minutes
  • wipe off your oily face with wet wipes.
  • And you are done. No need for moisturizer or lotion

Because these where all the things in my toiletry I had to make do. Shea butter is very thick but once you warm it up with your hand or your skin it becomes very oily. Because of this the oil breaks down the elements in the foundation and makes it easy to wipe off. Instead of just wiping off with wet wipes which leaves your skin dry, shea butter leaves your skin moisturized and with a healthy glow.


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