Anxiety as an entrepreneur

Anxiety as an Entrepreneur

One of the things I had to deal with as an entrepreneur is Anxiety. An uneasy feeling of inner turmoil. For me it usually has me second guessing myself, binge eating and headaches. 

So what causes anxiety? Well various things including family history, personality factors, ongoing stressful events, physical health problems, mental health conditions etc etc. For me its personality factors. People who are timid, inhibited, lack self-esteem, perfectionists, easily flustered and people who want to control everything are prone to anxiety. 

I am guilty of wanting to control everything, wanting things to go my way and am quick to get flustered. Which are the worst traits to have as a business owner, because everything doesn’t go as planned. Orders come late, samples don’t come in on time, deals don’t go well, people don’t show to meetings on time and a whole lot of things happen. 

So what are the symptoms of Anxiety? Excessive worrying. Being worry-full is normal and its hard to determine when you are borderline too worry-full. Sleepless nights, irrational fears, muscle tension, chronic indigestion, self consciousness, panic, self doubt, compulsive behavior, perfectionism and flashbacks. Its more of a self diagnosis but i feel half of the things mentioned above especially self doubt. Which leads to me worrying, and I cant sleep and my back muscles hurt. 

As much as it is hard for a bird to change its feathers it must be done. I am trying to change my personality and let things fall as they please. Because I cant go to psychiatrist or a therapists (am broke and conservative with my $$) here is a few things I do

  • remove all social media apps, watching what other brands and companies are doing is a stress trigger especially if my business is not going as-well as i like.    
  • Drinking lemon water. I recently stopped drinking wine so the bitterness of lemon is very calming 
  • Exercising. I like to cycle especially HITT cycling. Good way to loose weight too
  • Watching netflix or showmax. I like to rewatch my favorite series like Grimm, big bang, elementary or friends.  Helps my mind focus on other things.
  • Taking time away from my business. 

I know they are medications for anxiety but am not big on pills. I prefer to go all natural. I understand that in our community anxiety is not a thing, like its a rich people problem or a spoilt kids problem. But the reality is that anxiety is very common especially among new business owners or gdrowing business or rather every business in our economy. 

So dear entrepreneur you are not alone, am feeling the same way. 


7 thoughts on “Anxiety as an entrepreneur

  1. Thank you so much. Amazing read. Been suffering anxiety attacks recently. I found keeping myself occupied helps me to deal and makes me feel like im enhancing myself. So i took a class in a proffessional course, i read more and i talk walks when i feel like im getting worse.

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