Accomplish Tasks with Strictlychiczw

Hey guys. So I have been on the rocks about continuing putting out content on this platform. Why? To be honest I am really swamped with everything in my life. I was actually drowning, which was why I wrote my last blog post Anxiety as an entrepreneur .

It was really therapeutic writing that post but still accomplishing tasks still eluded me. Finally I found a way to balance all my duties. I been focusing more on accomplishing lots of unnecessary things and beating myself up when I still have lots of things to do. I just read an article which described my situation to  T.

Their solution was to take a chill pill and write down the important tasks I need to do in a day. Focus on the important tasks only. Once written down I should try to complete 3-5 tasks a day. They say successful people accomplish 3-5 important tasks in a day and the other less important tasks just happen through out the day. Sounds like hogwash but I tried it and it works. After completing your day, you take stock. What have you done and what haven’t you accomplished. Pat your back for doing your 3-5 tasks and leave the rest for the next day.

I now swear by this process. I have managed to do most of my tasks. I no longer fell like am drowning and now I have time to sit down and actually create content for my blog. So here we are and for every hump day (Wednesday) I ll be posting here.

My other posting times for My Youtube Channel are Monday and Thursday at 12:00hrs every week. Am so glad for my system. Because of it I managed to do all my content and product shoot for my clothing line. Here is one of my favourite item piece in my store: The Sasha Faux leather Pencil Skirt.


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