5 Ways to Dress Classy and Modest

Hey Guys. So for a while I been trying to find my style and with all the trends coming and going and all the changes in my life, its been a little difficult. I been doing lots of interviews lately and the commonest question is How do you define your style?

So here is the low down guys, my style is an ever evolving but constantly classy and modest. On this blog post I wanna list a few tips to remain classy and modest.

  1. Opt for white.

White is one of the most classy and subtle colours that will make your outfit look so sophisticated. Am in love with my whites. From my white blazer, white Ts to white pants.

File 2018-05-28, 17 55 47File 2018-05-07, 10 56 23

  1. No fake Labels, do inspired

This is one of the mottos I based my Handbag retail company.  Imagine you the boss babe at work you all dressed up pretty but you holding a bag written Guci, like where is the other C, babe where? If you cant afford the real Gucci then go inspired. So many companies have designer inspired pieces that are affordable and yet as classy as a real designer.



  1. If in doubt wear neutrals

Patterns are nice but for a classier look neutrals take the crown. Don’t get me wrong patterns work but only when worn right, but with neutrals its easy to style into classy looks. As long as you avoid looking flimsy. So stock up on your nudes, greys, blacks etc etc

File 2018-05-28, 18 01 40

  1. Less skin more modest

For a more classy look, one needs to avoid baring all skin. Its a lil ratchet actually a lot. being modest and classy goes hand in hand. One rule I go by is if you showing skin then only one part of your body has to show but not excessively.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
  1. The perfect fit.

A heel a size smaller will hurt your feet, a size bigger and you cant walk. So when it comes to clothing and shoes best you get something that fits you perfectly. I know oversized things where a trend recently but girl your oversize has to be the perfect size for you.

File 2018-05-28, 17 58 59

I hope you enjoyed this post and you dress as classy and modest as you want to be.



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