Falling in Love with my passion

I don’t watch the news mostly or read about current insights. Every time I do it just makes me a whole lot sad, unlike most people who are immune to all the horrors of the world. Lately the Elections have been draining all my happiness. Without even watching ZTV its in my face. From leaflets dropped in my mailbox everyday from all candidates I don’t even know existed, to all the posters hanged on every tree (EMA I hope you seeing this) and my Facebook feed. I cant take it anymore.

I just want this period to end. So today I decided to end my sadness and focus on what I love. After I had an amazing time at The Netherlands Embassy in Zimbabwe, where I was one of the guest speakers for The Cocoseed Fashion Masterclass, I decided to showcase to you my love. This outfit is from my clothing Brand STRICTLYCHICZW

Most of the time I usually like to wear body hugging skirts but this type of skirts brings me so much joy. Why? Because when I had my Roora ceremony I wore a skater skirt which was the most special skirt in my closet then. Now this skirt is the love that gets me through the sadness of the election period.

new new_19new new_23new new_20new new_21

till next time


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