How being married affects your dressing?

Do you agree with me that marriage totally changes how you dress? The whole concept of marriage is based upon sharing your all with someone else (yes your all heart mind and soul and cellphone.) So basically your mate’s opinion becomes your own. Let me explain, being married you take in another’s opinions, add yours up until its a dilution of yours and his\ hers.

Back to the topic at hand, So the person you used to be and the way you used to dress will end up a product of the diluted concoction of your marriage. Now lets talk the changes. Most commonly women become more conservative and men become more put together. This is usually the norm, that most cases women are put down for not being conservative. Other women become more classy, as in my case, others become more confident and are more willing to expose some skin. Lets just say women can change in all these ways all at once. I cant talk much on man but lets just say its okay for your style to change too.

lets take a look at how marriage has changed my style.





Lets just say I was more slimmer and more colourful and less conservative. 

Now how have you changed?


Marriage releases the inner beaut in you

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