Business in Zimbabwe

2019 has actually been a turmoil in just the few weeks that it started. If you stay in Zimbabwe or read the news you know. Our price of living has gone up and yet incomes have stayed the same or lost value. Really depressing. And to the entreprenuer things have gotten so real in few minutes. 

As a fellow businesswomen I can tell you this, what we going through has no solutions written in a book or posted on Pintrest. No country experience what we do here in Zim. So basically we have to rely on our instincts and street skills. 

This  year I made some hard decisions. Firstly with my business, I nolonger accept non-forex currency. For me this has significantly slowed down my business and I had to build a tough exterior to enforce this. Although now I am finally getting profit. Basically business is slow, profitable and a lot hard on my target market. Secondly I stopped charging for my advertising services. I just wanted to remain the kind and client-based business women I am. So instead of making it hard for new entrepreneurs I just help you get some clients with the hope that you incur less expenses and carry that down to your customers.

I wonder how your business is surviving?

2 piece suit from  @Divalicious app 0776126014
Imagine that suit on a business meeting


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