Local Fashion Brands: ZOZA COLLECTIONS

I know most of you take pride in saying I bought this (clothing) from Out of the country, China, UK,USA and Turkey. Well its great that you did but take a look at what our local fashion Industry is producing. This couple of months I made a new friend. I be friended a local label called ZOZA COLLECTIONS ( https://www.instagram.com/zozacollections/ )

If I tell you, you wont believe me so I ll show you.

This button down shirt was made specifically for me and I love it

They made me a this button down shirt, which am so crazy about. I love the slickness of the fabric, the well tailoring, the buttons. Like guys the quality of this shirt is like straight up there with all the fancy brands (Versace yes I said it) I styled it with my ripped jeans and also my fancy skater skirt. I hope you like it. Check out the other piece of clothing from ZOZA COLLECTIONS on their Instagram or on my prev post https://strictlychicme.com/2019/02/05/style-focus-culottes/

Well whats your take on buying local?

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