Polka dots

Out of the blues I feel like writing up a blog post. I been away haven’t I? If you follow me on IG, you know I had a baby and I hid my pregnancy. LOL. I kinda did hahaha. Anyway I am back to give you guys more content hope you still here though.

Now that I am back, I been feeling like I missed out so I been stocking up on my fav trends. One of them being Polka dots. Its so great that every now and then all our old trends come back. I have been always a polka dot girl and this time I just took out my old stuff and also went shopping for new variations.

This lil cami was from Boohoo and I got it at a real steal. Would have put a link but I cant figure out how to do yet. (The whole wordpress site switched up on me) Its satin and very dainty, kinda makes me feel sexy. Definitely one of my fav Polka dot pieces. Because this year am all bold and unbothered I paired it up with some pinstripe black wide leg pants. If you know me you know how crazy I am about wide leg pants.

Am done writing. See you later loves

Do check out my YouTube video (Here) on what I got for cheap from Boohoo

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