Its easy to lose the plot especially when all you can do is sit watch Tv and wait for any news. The wait is difficult. I have never been this idle in my adult life. I know you feel the same way, unmotivated, defeated and more over BORED. For a few weeks I fell into this dark space and was wondering why this happened, why God let this happen to us.

Some bowl of cereals and a bloated tummy later it dawned on me, Maybe it’s a lesson. Maybe God is trying to say something and he needed us to listen. With that realisation I took out my bible App set up my daily reminder and went on a bike ride. Getting out of bed every morning and being productive allowed me to go back to a healthy, physically and emotionally, me. I had my ears alert to listen to God and the message came. Let me just say This is not a time to linger in despair but to draw closer to God, to establish a better relationship with The Creator and to listen to the curated message God has for you.

Coat (thrifted), top (Zara), Jeans (07 78232557),

Because I am lover of fashion, here is my winter look whilst I go do Gods work.

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