September Obsession

Am just gonna jump into what I been obsessed with ohh Hi guys. 1. The Culotte My pals call this the Bermuda and think its such an old style that should stay there. I differ. I feel like I am Vogue when I wear them. Super amazing walking down the runway. You can wear it … More September Obsession

Am sunkissed

So I love it when I take a pic with the sun in my face. I feel golden. Anyway I been so crazy about this kimono style. I love my kimono or rather long length t-shirt Meet my lovely big sister.  She is like my super amazing fashion pal. Posted from WordPress for Android


I been obsessed with House of DVF. I PVRed it and I been repeating it like crazy. So glad Brittany won I keep stalking her on IG she is awesome inspired me to find my own wrap dress.   Shoes: 10dollarmall Dress:DVF  Jewellery: Mel’s touch 


The concept of high heels is the best invention since fire. I feel tall and confident and ready to take on the world. It doesn’t matter how many inches they are the effect is the same. Top: thrift Pants: oldies Clutch : Mind Karl Drogo his my photo bomber. Posted from WordPress for Android

The Wait

A couple of days ago I reached a decision I will not wait anymore I will not stare at my fone waiting for that call like I been doing for the past 5 weeks. As you know by now am a mother of one but before that I was studying for my degree in accounting. … More The Wait

No denial

I am better today because I have accepted my failures and I am ready for change. Am picking up myself and getting to the next level. I ll fall again maybe sooner or later but I won’t stay down. Am in no denial. Blazer : thrift Shoes: Rage Pants: old, avondale flee market Top: http://www.mrp.comMore No denial


Crazy when you have known a stem since form 1 and suddenly they bloom into a beautiful Rose. Ha ha literally.  This is Rose the beautiful flower Am so crazy about those shoes!!! Follow on instagram @Rose Mahala Posted from WordPress for Android

Gone goth

I had this lil lip stain in the back of my make up box. Ran into it and I loved the end results. Reminds me of America’s next top model Jordan cycle 2.0. Gone goth Dress: thrift Denim top: Alcatraz boutique Shoes: Airmax Follow on instagram @andedgy Facebook: andedgy clutches Posted from WordPress for Android