Is being selfish wrong? it has been rooted to us that its morally wrong. But is it really? Because everyday we make unconcious decisions, selfishly putting ourselves out of harms way and also a step ahead of others.  According to Richard Dawkins author of The Selfish Gene (1976), everyones gene acts in a way to … More Selfish 

Working Beaut!!

Happy new month loves. Its March, my birth month. Am super excited for my birthday i dont really know what i wanna do, dinner or party or just get a pair of new shoes or everything. Some ideas for Bae if he reads this. But because its my birth month amma have a giveaway. Be … More Working Beaut!!

Monochrome 101

Ey dolls its Friday again, weekend vibes innit? As for me am excited sabbath starts today at 6pm, some time to rest and enhance my relationship with The Lord. 2016 is already chaotic for me but am finding solitude in the Lord. Anyway another post with the beautiful Miss Sharon. We didn’t plan the whole black … More Monochrome 101