Sweet and Innocent

This is one of those outfits that are simple, sweet and innocent. This is one of my Sabbath wear or rather Sunday Special. Shop my look at DressedbyPrivy at Shamwari mall along 2nd St. XOXO.

Dressy dress

hey guys!! The past days have been really tiring and hectic. Unfortunately for me this is just the beginning, with my exams starting in a couple of days. The life of a future Chartered Accountant. This means missed deadlines and shorter blog posts. Bare with me. As you might have guessed I had a chance … More Dressy dress

My KimK look

Hey how are you? So I been really waiting to wear this pink throw on for like a year now.¬† Yes I keep all my new clothing for a big reveal. Hahah its crazy but I do. Cinderella moments kind of thing. Anyway I been so in love with these midi skirts that KimK wears. … More My KimK look

10 Best Zimbabwean Female Fashion bloggers 2016

Fashion blogging has made a huge appearance in Zimbabwe lately. The fashion industry has embraced it, seeing the category in many award ceremonies. So let me define it a little for all. Fashion bloggers are media businesses/personalities who cover many things such as specific items of clothing and accessories, beauty tips, trends in various apparel markets,celebrity fashion choices … More 10 Best Zimbabwean Female Fashion bloggers 2016