I got fumes coming out of my head with all the studying and writing exams, ahhh its just too much so I decided to take some chill time. Watch some YouTube videos, stalk people on Instagram and come up with a cool blog post.  I try not to over work myself during exam time. So … More Suits

Thats my Story

Hey there How have you all been? Hope your week was great. I just thought I should make a quick blog about how I love my body with all its flaws.  First of all one of the main reason why i started this blog was because i felt alienated to my body. It was a … More Thats my Story

Maxi season 

Hey there!! Let me just start by saying Summer is here with full force. Like i can’t believe the temperatures out there. Its blazing hot in Harare. But am not complaining though. Summer means free flowing clothes, reason for this post today. Two summers ago i wasnt a fan of maxi dresses, mostly because I … More Maxi season 

Poolside Chill

Hey there readers!!! How have you all been? Am now great. Like really great. After my flue i was feeling kinda low depressed and out. I think it was the medication. I felt like someone else all of a sudden. But now am back, the real Sashaz is back (hahah i just had to say … More Poolside Chill